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Cape Town Highlights!

Well, what an awesome adventure South Africa turned out to be!  Cape Town is an amazing City, flanked by huge Mountains – it’s seriously hard to take a bad photo there.


This is the view from our apartment in Camp’s Bay – real hard to take at the end of each day out!

Balcony View

My two big bucket list items there were to trip up Table Mountain and visit Robben Island, the home of Nelson Mandela for 18 of his 27 years in incarceration.  Both received the Big Tick.  Table Mountain has spectacular views – depending on the day you choose to travel, and Robben Islandd has a fascinating history.  Our guide was a political prisoner who ‘did time’ whilst Mandela was there, and the strories of their fights for freedom are fascinating.


On top of that, we also managed a day trip to Franschhoek for tripping on the Wine Tram, a half day safari at Buffelsfontein, afternoon tea and the Cecil Rhodes Memorial, a drive up Chapmans Peak for the view over Hout Bay, lunch at The Brass Bell in Kalk Bay and a serious amount of shopping on the V&A Waterfront.  Gotta be happy with that!  And we added a couple of days in Durban visiting friends.  Truly a great trip.

P1040355P1040415Amanda and CecilP1040342

And although the trip for my friend’s fertility adventure didn’t turn out as successfully as planned, there’s the option of another two trips for her, and fingers crossed for a future successful outcome!

The idea was even born for a new blog – documenting our search for the world’s greatest brulee – you can check out that journey on 

My next international adventure is to Hong Kong, Macau and China in October – two places I’ve never been.  A six day organised tour is planned in China of all the highlights, including Tianenmen Square, the Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors and Forbidden City before a conference in Shanghai.

So much to look forward to!!

2014 Travel Opportunities for Finance Chicks!

This year I’ve been lucky enough to be presented with the opportunity to travel on five separate overseas trips! Awesome!

However, being a mum, running a business and ensuring my clients are well cared for, means not all are possible and I’ve had to narrow that down to three.  Still Awesome!  Starting to learn to not bite off more than I can chew is a new experience for me. I usually take on everything… and chew really fast! And get a little weary in the process…

With Bali and Malaysia already under my belt, it looks like my next adventure will be to Cape Town and Durban, South Africa.  A friend of over 30 years standing has asked me to join in on her adventure into motherhood.  A local Australian clinic has suggested that she investigate treatment options available in Cape Town so we’re off there to check out her options and enjoy the scenery while we’re at it.

High on the list to explore are Robben Island, former home of Nelson Mandela, a trip up Table Mountain and leisurely lunches and dinners on the V&A Waterfront between clinic visits.  Can’t hardly wait!  I’m also looking forward to catching up with friends in Durban who’ve just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary.

My final adventure will likely take me to Shanghai, China in October so I’m excited to be able to explore three new countries this year.  What a fantastic opportunity along with my usual domestic travels around our beautiful country of Oz! My cousin and her family moved to Shanghai some ten years ago, so will love catching up with them too.  So much to see and do!

The trip I had been really hoping to pull off this year though was a really exciting opportunity, and will be put on the back burner til 2015.  And in honour of International Women’s Day, please check out the work of The Hunger Project.

Through the amazing Business Chicks partnering with The Hunger Project (THP) I’d been through the application and interview process and selected to participate in a leadership and immersion program to Malawi to watch their vision come to life in some of the poorest villages in the world.  The trip involves funding your own costs of up to $5,500 for personal expenses and raising a minimum $10,000 for THP to use in their work.  Plans were already formulating for a Ball, including an auction, live music, movie nights and various other fund raising efforts.  This is something I’m really excited about for next year and although it may not be Malawi, am grateful to have been considered this time around.  I’ll definitely keep you posted on how that turns out!