Giving back to others…

How much are you currently giving back to others?

Giving back can take many forms.  Our time is our most valuable gift and the one prized by friends and family, yet here I’m concentrating on financial giving.  Charity if you will!

Financially, no amount is too small.  Often, we’re happy to part with a few dollars for a good (and tax-deductible) cause, but rarely do we give to the limit of our ability.  Or even to where it hurts… just a little.

Many of us prefer to wait until we are comfortable with our personal financial situation and when we feel we have enough, then think about being generous or charitable…

Generosity is seen by some to be an energy, it’s a definite decision. It has nothing to do with a number. It’s often a spontaneous gesture, a kind action that comes from the heart.  But can you plan to be more generous with giving?  We live in an incredibly lucky country when so many others suffer depredations to their livelihoods and liberty that we couldn’t possibly imagine.

It’s easy to drop a few hundred on an outfit for a ball, frocking up for the races or a meal and drinks out with friends, but the thought of handing over $100 when it’s not for ourselves takes on a completely different meaning!

A lot of times, we don’t think about being philanthropic or charitable until a loved one becomes unwell with a particular illness or requires a certain hospital or service; or we’re accosted on the street by Greenpeace or door-knocked by the Surf Lifesavers.

Be honest with yourself about how much you are giving today, as in right now.  Not tomorrow or some mystical time in the future when you feel you may be able to afford to be.  No-one becomes poor from being charitable.

Can you find a cause that ties in nicely with your business or personal values?  Many who support their local communities find their business and personal profiles also improve, the more they give back.  Sounds like a win-win to me!

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