How many jobs?

It seems the days of lifetime service to a single company and retiring with the gold watch are well and truly over.

Do you think you should only have one main job during your working life or is it OK to have 2-3 part-time ones?

As the workplace continues to evolve, many people are finding that they do not want one primary job any more, but instead the flexibility of having a few projects on the go, sometimes consecutively, and sometimes all at once. How do you feel about working in more than one place?  Or, are you more of a traditional one-job style of person?

The main reason many look for additional work is to boost take-home income.  If you could find a way of supplementing your income and also your joy for pursuing something that stimulates you creatively, what would you be doing?

Research shows that we’re now going in the direction of working at more than one job.  Many find that they are way too attached to their job and if it changed, would be in total chaos.  But life has a way of throwing curve balls, so it’s not a bad idea to think of what else you could be doing.

Be prepared for the twists and turns.  What other type of work would you like to try?  Is there a hobby that you’d love to turn into a business?  Are you a budding entrepreneur just waiting for the push of being sacked?  It’s never too late to start pursuing something you love, even if it’s part time.

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