Family definitions of Success

It’s a pretty natural thing, we all want to feel successful.

And possibly surprising to many, the most successful people out there often do not feel like they are a success.  Many suffer at some stage in their life from what has been coined the Imposter Syndrome – where we feel that we may be exposed as the fraud we feel we are!

Why do you think that is?   Often, it’s because we have rules and ideas about what it means to feel successful that have been ingrained in us from childhood.

Ask yourself how success was defined by your family?  Was it about how much money you were earning?  What sort of a job you held?  If you went to university or had a degree? If you were married with children?  Had a large home?  Or just happy?  What were you taught about success all your life?  Was it related to health, wealth or happiness?

As it turns out, the most successful people just decide that they are successful, because they just are who they are and because they love what they do.  Often, they love to give back.

Success is an inner feeling, not some far off event in the future that shifts and changes, or something our parents want or how much we have in the bank.

Have a think about how you personally define success.  Will you be a success when you achieve X?  Do you feel you need X to be a success?  Maybe it’s time to evaluate all the things that already make you a success!

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