How’s your Relationship with Money?

If you had to define your relationship with money, are you guys going strong? Or due for some serious counselling sessions?

Just remember, like in any relationship, small changes can make a big impact.  Regularly paying attention to our partner can make our emotional bonds stronger, and focusing a little loving attention on our financial relationship can also yield dividends!  (see what I did there?)

It might just be time to sit down and have a stern chat with yourself and bring some clarity into your relationship with the dollars.  Look for ideas on where you can improve.  Observe your friends and family members and their relationship with money.  Are they out every weekend, have all the latest stuff and are constantly bemoaning the fact that they just can’t keep up with their bills?  Or do you have that careful friend, who has a budget and for the most part sticks with it?  They live within their means and still don’t really seem to miss out on too much.

I want you to think who you’d rather be like and five ways you’d like to improve your relationship with money.

  • Do you have personal debt you’d like to pay down or pay off?
  • Is there a holiday you’d like to save for?
  • Would you like to start putting a little more into your superannuation?
  • Is your first home or an investment property something you’d like to achieve?
  • Would you like to start a small share or investment portfolio?
  • Would you like to go to a better gym?
  • Be able to afford a dog?
  • Buy a membership?

Come up with at least five goals that have something to do with money.

Next I want you to prioritise them.  What is the most important objective you have?  Did something stand out as your number one priority?

What love and attention can you bring to this one goal, and what small improvements can you make to start turning things around?  Don’t worry about all the other items on your list.  You can get there later.  Just focus on your main priority and think of ways you can make small changes to make inroads.

If you want to pay down debt, can you skip the daily latte and put the extra $5 per day onto the loan?  That extra $100 per month means you’ll be $1200 further ahead by the end of the year.  Will that help you get there sooner?  As in much sooner?

I’d love to hear some of the ‘little things’ you’ve done to start improving your relationship with money and see if you become more in love than ever once again…

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