Do you have a Financial Blind Spot?

Blind spots are the parts of ourselves that we never really see,  (or the parts we really don’t want to see) despite all our best efforts to become mindful.

Sometimes, we need a little assistance from our friends or family to help see what we really need to see.

It’s worth asking someone that knows you well what they see you doing or believing that you do that hurts you in some way.  That might be a scary ask!

Is it a story you have about yourself? Is it a mindset about money?  Could it be overworking,?  Or overeating? Or overspending?  Do you not stick to your budget?  Have you neglected your protection strategy?  Do you need update your Wills?

Give permission to a friend or family member to be totally honest with you today… and try very hard to be ok with the results.  It’s just an area that’s worth working on and improving for you!

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