How do you measure Self Worth?

Many of us have a tendency to tie our self worth to our net worth, meaning, we can be looking for self-worth in all the wrong places!

Many try countless ways to increase their self-worth with material possessions, including faster cars, bigger houses, exotic vacations, expensive clothes, more attractive partners, fabulous shoes and bigger handbags.

None of these items are intrinsically bad if they’re simply enjoyed and not utilised as a mechanism to feel like you are a “someone.”

Your sense of self actually comes in its purest form, from what you are being in the world around you. It doesn’t require words or boasting about. It’s simply a feeling of knowing that what you are using your life to do, really matters.

Yet in a strange twist, as your self worth improves, chances are, your net worth will too.

Find your self worth from who you are.  De-link your self worth from your net worth to find joy.

This is the only type of self worth that is truly long-lasting.

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