Do you have a Financial Blind Spot?

Blind spots are the parts of ourselves that we never really see,  (or the parts we really don’t want to see) despite all our best efforts to become mindful.

Sometimes, we need a little assistance from our friends or family to help see what we really need to see.

It’s worth asking someone that knows you well what they see you doing or believing that you do that hurts you in some way.  That might be a scary ask!

Is it a story you have about yourself? Is it a mindset about money?  Could it be overworking,?  Or overeating? Or overspending?  Do you not stick to your budget?  Have you neglected your protection strategy?  Do you need update your Wills?

Give permission to a friend or family member to be totally honest with you today… and try very hard to be ok with the results.  It’s just an area that’s worth working on and improving for you!

How do you measure Self Worth?

Many of us have a tendency to tie our self worth to our net worth, meaning, we can be looking for self-worth in all the wrong places!

Many try countless ways to increase their self-worth with material possessions, including faster cars, bigger houses, exotic vacations, expensive clothes, more attractive partners, fabulous shoes and bigger handbags.

None of these items are intrinsically bad if they’re simply enjoyed and not utilised as a mechanism to feel like you are a “someone.”

Your sense of self actually comes in its purest form, from what you are being in the world around you. It doesn’t require words or boasting about. It’s simply a feeling of knowing that what you are using your life to do, really matters.

Yet in a strange twist, as your self worth improves, chances are, your net worth will too.

Find your self worth from who you are.  De-link your self worth from your net worth to find joy.

This is the only type of self worth that is truly long-lasting.

Financial Question Time

Does your money situation make you feel messy or clean?  Maybe it’s time to knuckle down and ask a few questions to help you get on top of your personal financial situation.  Try these on and see how well you go!

Can you easily locate where are your important financial papers are?

Are your tax returns all lodged and up to date?

Do you know what you have in your bank account/s at any given time?

Do you have a current and valid will and power/s of attorney?

Do you need to review your life insurance and protection strategies?

What can you do today to make some progress to get on top of your financial situation?

Can you duck out and purchase some folders or storage boxes to do some filing?

Do you need to ask for friendly help or professional assistance?

I’m sure you’ll find It’s amazing how much more in control you will feel when you’re on top of your organization!

These questions aren’t about having more money, just simply honoring what you do have in an orderly fashion.

Which Type are You?

The world has a tendency to divide people into different categories.

Some are classified as “business types” (left brainers or A Types) and “creative types” (right brainers).  This can mean that we may grow up believing we are one and therefore NOT the other. This in turn, can influence the type of work we go after and what we think we are capable of.

Chances are, we have tendencies towards being more one type than the other, but this doesn’t mean if you are a business type, you aren’t creative, or vice versa.

It can be limiting to see yourself only as one particular type if you buy into the idea.  My sister and I still often joke about who’s the “creative one” or “the pretty one.”

If you think you are not a business brain type, you may never feel you can start a company or be good at finance. If you think you are not creative, you may never dream of writing a book or painting.  I’ve done both – so living proof it can be done!

Today, ask how could you start seeing yourself as both? You will be amazed how many people assumed they were one only (because that’s what they’d been told) only to discover they were hugely talented in the other they had neglected.

Love to hear how you’ve broken out of your “type” and proved them all wrong!