A Touch of the Green Eyed Monster

It’s a pretty human thing to be envious now and then, but what we envy can be pretty different from person to person.

What do you most often find yourself jealous about in others?

Is it their looks, body, career, money, investments, home, their apparent luck, lifestyle, their skill at something specific?  Is it a physical thing?  A financial thing?  A lifestyle thing?

It is worth checking in with yourself as to what it is that triggers your comparison button.  What is it that you really believe you want and don’t feel you have?

It’s pretty courageous to get honest and admit this.

Some of us have a twinge of envy when someone gets amazing news (that we’ve been waiting for) or has a huge win (that would have been soooo handy for us!)   Often, we are still happy for our friends, but the issue can be when it becomes about us in relation to them!

So here’s an opportunity for you!  Get honest and see what it is you most envy in others.  It’s a wonderful way of getting clear on what you most want for yourself.  (Cue light bulb!)

Isn’t it a better idea to instead place your emotional energy into setting a goal for yourself?  Don’t waste it by dealing in the negative energy of jealousy.  Start focusing on how you can make things happen for you!  Is it financial?  Physical?  Set some goals and start kicking!

I’d love to hear what you’ve confessed to and would like to turn around!  Or have you got the lifestyle others envy and still feel you’re missing something?

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