Finding financial fulfilment

We’re all seeking the feeling of fulfilment; whether in our relationships, employment or financial situation.

Ask yourself:  “How will I find fulfilment?”

You probably spend most of your life working, seeking a form of happiness within your role, or if not, hoping that at least the financial rewards will be worth it.

But, if our employment doesn’t, or won’t give us what we’re looking for, what will?

I once heard a beautiful expression, “if you can’t love what you do, at least bring love to what you do.”  Is that possible for you?

To throw in another cliché – if life isn’t about “finding yourself” and it’s about “creating yourself” what can you implement to bring you closer to any kind of fulfilment?

Personally, we can set an intention to find peace with our financial situation, or create ways to change it.   Do research, learn more, start investing, be frugal, and live within our means.

We can also learn to create loving relationships with friends, family and finances, and find ways to make a difference to our fellow human beings and financial situation.

In the end, that’s what will make us feel fulfilled.

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