Are you a Victim of Circumstance?

Many of us feel justified in having little money or savings.

There a truckload of excuses as to how we wound up in our situation.  We got fired from our job.  We got divorced and had to part with assets.  We lost money in the stock market or via bad investments. Pretty much, something happened and the blame isn’t ours.

Chances are, it’s probably true.  But, this form of thinking keeps us comfortably in a ‘poor me’ mentality and we have our armoury of reasons to justify why our financial situation is the way it is.

It can be an easy road to continue to play the victim of past or present circumstances.  Ask yourself if you’re still identifying something in the past that you still use as a reason for your lack of money.

Nothing is likely to ever change if you stay stuck in your justifications. You will likely become more and more welcoming of ‘victim’ style thoughts and feelings.

Try and change your thinking on it’s head.  You are not a victim!  You are a survivor!  We all get our share of ups and downs in life.

The difference that separates us is the meaning we give to the circumstances that befall us and how quickly we decide to bounce back.  Try to view the change as a silver lining that can open future opportunities.  And make a conscious not to not refer to our excuses again.

Think up new ideas for how you can turn it all around and not be a ‘victim of circumstance’ but the ‘master of your own destiny.’  Become a product of your future efforts and decisions instead.

That may sound easier said than done, but the more your practice, the easier it will become.

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