Workout Time for your Change Muscle!

Chances are, that anyone you know or cross paths with, has gone through a long list of difficult life changes.

Perhaps they have suffered personal tragedy – lost a loved one, endured a chronic illness or injury, nursed someone through ill health, suffered from depression, ended a life partnership, had a miscarriage, or unsuccessfully undergone various IVF procedures.

Sometimes, the issues are financial – they’ve lost a job, been stuck in a career they hate, been ripped off and lost their savings or their home, made poor investment decisions, or had to start over financially after a major change in health or circumstances…

Tragedies are an unfortunate part of the human experience.  But also an opportunity in some instances…

Sometimes it seems ‘it never rains but it pours’ and we undergo more than we ever thought we’d have to bear.  And, it’s highly likely you have faced some of those challenges too.  Maybe even quite a few!

So, what’s the hardest change you’ve ever had to face?

Can you remember if there was something specifically that got you through the experience?  Was it time as a healer?  Your faith?  Friends and family?  Better educating yourself?  Charitable work?

Although not part of our physical anatomy and you never learned about it in school, you have a “change muscle.”  It’s a part of you that is able to handle any change and has actually already worked out handling the myriad of life experiences you’ve thrown at it in the past.

You’re likely to be much more resilient and better at change than you believe you are. Just like real muscle, the change muscle remembers every change you’ve ever been through.  Muscle memory is a real thing and grows stronger through repetition.

Don’t underestimate your ability to handle the change you’re currently facing, whether personal or financial.  There’s bound to be more ahead, and the more you work it, the better you’ll become at it!

I’d love to hear what challenges you’ve faced, and how you’ve been able to embrace the changes and move on.  How did you work out your change muscle?  Can you use those lessons to get through challenges that are currently facing?

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